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Marco's Story

arco Holdener has many different roles that make him the person he is today. A dedicated cyclist, father, and a mentor. All he continues to learn and experience from these different roles contribute to the work he does in his daily job as a Finance Director at Johnson & Johnson in Switzerland. Just recently he celebrated his 20th anniversary with Johnson & Johnson.

We invite you to watch Marco's journey and hear him talk about the transformation and positive life changes he has made in the last decade. Through regular cycling and a focus on his well-being, he developed new skills that made him a loving father and better mentor.

However, Marco admits that he spent most of his time at work earlier in his career. He spent long hours working and frequently on business travel. Having such a busy and hectic schedule meant Marco didn't pay much attention to maintaining a healthy lifestyle until he signed up to participate in the Energy for Performance course over a decade ago.

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Energy for Performance is an internal course organized for Johnson & Johnson employees in line with our commitment to improving and sustaining our employees' health and well-being. In total, 80% of Johnson & Johnson employees have participated in this training worldwide.

The outcome of that course transformed almost everything for Marco. As he integrated the learnings into his daily life, he started paying closer attention to his diet, taking up sports again, and rediscovering his teenage passion for cycling. This was when Marco began to change his lifestyle. He confidently says this course gave him a new perspective about health, work, and family.

Marco admits that Johnson & Johnson has given him the flexibility he needs to pursue his professional and personal goals. The company has also provided him with an opportunity to work in ten different roles across all our business areas of Pharmaceuticals, MedTech and Consumer Health.

Each role he has worked in for the past 20 years has been different and has led him to build a strong network within the organization. Marco's experiences showcase how Johnson & Johnson offers its employees a breadth of opportunities to enhance one’s personal and professional development.

On weekends, chances are you will find Marco in the saddle. Marco believes you can make positive changes no matter your age, and the best way to start is to do one small thing at a time. His advice is not to give up. From his experiences, Marco has learnt that there will always be obstacles. The key focus should be on being open because other possibilities always present themselves.

Marco's story is a prime example of what we do at Johnson & Johnson and what we strive for: a healthier Switzerland and a greater quality of life for everyone.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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