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Fatih's Story

atih Daniskan has many different roles alongside being a Warehouse Supervisor. He is a tennis player, a vocational trainer, and a father. All roles have helped make him the person he is today.

In the video above, we invite you to watch Fatih talk about his journey of joining Johnson & Johnson as an apprentice to becoming a Warehouse Supervisor, including how he balances his work while being a father of four. Fatih also tells us how he continues to be enriched by the many different roles he has.

Eighteen years ago, Fatih began his journey at Johnson & Johnson. As an enthusiastic apprentice, he was offered many opportunities to learn, grow and develop himself in various ways. From the time he started his apprenticeship, Fatih says his managers believed in him and encouraged him to do his best. This kind of support helped Fatih build confidence and self-belief, making it easier for him to take on new challenges.

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When his vocational trainer retired, he was offered the opportunity to take on his role. Because of all the training and experience he had gained over the years, he felt ready to take on this exciting challenge. An opportunity he says he is very grateful for.

From the 1st July 2022, Johnson & Johnson announced the extension of the parental leave benefit from eight to twelve weeks. As a father of four, Fatih says the eight weeks paternity leave he had, allowed him to spend time with his newborn baby while also helping his wife during this phase. Since he has been working for Johnson & Johnson for a long time, he is happy to see how the company is progressing and recognizing the importance of employee well-being and work-life balance.

Fatih appreciates the flexibility that his role offers, because it allows him to spend more time with his family. Minor adjustments like having the possibility to finishing work early from time to time to mark those important moments is just one way we try to support our employees with families, in line with our Credo and company values.

Fatih has dedicated eighteen years to Johnson & Johnson, and he can confidently say he works in a supportive environment. Based on his own experiences, he is there for his colleagues just as much as they are there for him.

Working for Johnson & Johnson also means we get opportunities to prioritize the things that are important to us.

At Johnson & Johnson, it's more than just work.

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